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HMC Display was founded in 1967 to meet the signage needs of a local shopping center. Even back then, the market consisted of cheap, light duty, thin frames that totally detracted from the look and feel that our customers were otherwise portraying. We found a solid business in this market by providing sign holders made from quality materials that stood the test of time. As proof, we routinely have past customers calling to supplement their HMC Sign holders that are 15-20 years old.

From our very first days back in 1967, we have never skimped and cut corners on our customers. Our sign holders (other than our "economy sign holders") are still almost entirely built in the United States with American craftspeople. We do all of our own powder coating, and most orders that are "custom" for other manufacturers are very simple for us to accommodate in just a few days time.

We have over 200 stock and optional powder coat colors for you to choose from, and we frequently work with custom powder coat manufacturers to provide our customers with the "exact look" or "exact color" they are looking for. We have pioneered the use of modern methods to replace aging and polluting materials such as brass plating, which can release cyanide into the water table. These proven and environmentally friendly methods help to create finishes that are every bit as beautiful as traditional brass, copper & bronze, but also create a finished product with fewer cleaning issues and are maintenance friendly.

Most sign holder frames are made with a thin 7/8" channel. These frame channels are mass-produced in factories throughout China and other Far East manufacturing plants. It does have a use in it's own time and place, but it is our belief that it creates a look that is rather "cheap".

Our sign holders are typically formed from 1.5" square up to 2.0 x 2.5" steel tubing. From a volume perspective, they are up to 9 times more substantial in appearance.

Some imported sign holders have pressed wood bases that will warp, distort and swell if they come in to contact with water. This combined with their insignificant weight creates an environment where sign holders frequently fall over and break.

Our sign holders come with bases as heavy as 200 lbs (about 40 times the weight of some of the cheaper units). Our sign holder bases can be equipped with several options to make them fit your environment perfectly.

Some of our competitors sign holders also use cheap pieced together parts or parts that are actually just "soldered" together. You may save a little money up front, but if you end up replacing them just a little ways down the road with something of more quality, have you actually saved any money?

In short. don't settle for what other companies tell you is available in the sign holder market. Your site is too important to devalue it with the substandard workmanship of third world country sweatshops. You have options, and you should insist on the quality to match your site. Insist on HMC Display.