Triple Header 22" x 28" Sign Holder

Triple Header 22" x 28" Sign Holder





Product Description


Are you looking for that special something to set your promotions off? The triple tiered design of the Triple Header allows for a life sized effect for your graphics. Objects seem to jump out from this sign holder.

The unique design allows for several marketing techniques. You can go with the stacked look, using three interrelated posters adding into one big picture, or you can go with three different promotional items, thus tripling the display value of the sign holder. Either way, you can't lose!

This sign holder features a one piece welded frame constructed of 1.5"x 2.0" structural steel tubing. Its whopping 86 lb. base weight and wide footprint 23" x 28" base provide inordinate stability. Nothing else comes close to it's durability and impact!